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Your Main Shop Front Page

This Small Shopping site has a 7 page design
all in price-from £180.00

Included in the full price Beaver Meadow will create a fully functional small shopping site for you to safely sell your products on-line. We will add your information, pics and descriptions applicable for each page, set your site colour scheme, add your paypal account information and add your header with logo. (not got a logo? we can create one for you)

Main Home page (This is your shop front)
Product Department pages
(Each dept page with 10 product listings available with 'pay by paypal' option. Additional pages from £50.00)
(Enhanced pic and Individual product description places £5.00 ea)
About and Contact you page (Additional info pages £20.00)
Delivery information page
website legal page
(we have a standard page we can insert for you).

For pricing on options to add more pages if you require and links to larger pics of individual products
if you so require with more extensive description,
see pricing above

Product Type 1
Product Type 2
Product Type 3
About you
any text you would like !

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